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What is the Local Game Store Conference?

LGSc is a digital conference hosted by the CFB Group for local game stores across the world. With experts from across the industry, ranging from popular game creators to business, this is an event any game store will not want to miss. These experts are here to share their knowledge and experience in this industry with everyone in attendance and give retailers tips and advice on how to get as much success out of their store as possible. 

What to Expect from LGSc?

Attendees should come prepared with questions that have about popular games, business strategies, and the industry in general. Each guest speaker attending with present on their topic and will have a Q + A session following their presentation. Attendees can expect to learn more about the background of how games got started and how they got to where they are today. Retailers will leave with a greater understanding of how the industry works and what to do in order to make their business run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. As a game store retailer, you do not want to miss this event!

LGSc III Presenters

lgsc-pearce-twitter-1920x1080 (1).jpg


Gain knowledge about the industry, popular games and business strategies with tips and advice from experts who have been in this field for years.


Listen in on how to create successful partnerships, how to market products, how to set up the best strategies and and other ways to grow your store to its fullest potential. 


Main Event

A massive, two day tournament with $10,000 in prizes and a seat at the Pro Tour all on the line! 



Take the advice and tips offered at the Local Game Store Conference and put them into action. Watch your store succeed! 

Registration for LGSc III

Highlights from Previous Conferences


Q + A session with James White of Flesh and Blood.


Michael Waddell on the community driven TCG, MetaZoo.

manage comics_edited_edited.png

Advice on how to integrate comics into your business with Brian Garside.

What are People Saying About LGSc?


"This presentation was so interesting to have the full presentation and a more complete picture of what is the concept and creation of MetaZoo!"

"I truly loved this interview with James White me and my wife have been walking side by side with LSS and their journey this been amazing. When seeing his first FAB how to play video to all the interviews and behind the scenes work this company has done they deserve all the praise to be at the top."

"What a great presentation! This has given me more insight on the process of tapping into new markets. Sharing this will all my LGS friends!"

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